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Grandma A's Pastys

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Grandma A's Pastys

My mother was from Amasa, MI, and her great grandmother's recipe is
from Cornwall, England - the birthplace of the pasty.

We use Angus ground chuck, potatoes & onions, a little
salt & pepper all wrapped in a pastry shell.
We get a lot of compliments that there's a lot of beef and our crust is flaky.


Vegetable & Cheese
Our pastys are available fresh, hot & ready to eat or frozen for a delicious meal anytime.
Walk in, drive through or have us ship them anywhere in Wisconsin.

Beef (available everyday)
Pizza (Saturday)
Chili (Saturday-seasonal)
Vegetable & Cheese (Friday)
Albacore Tuna (Friday)
All varieties are available frozen anytime

Beef: Angus ground chuck,potatoes,onions, salt & pepper
Pizza: Angus ground chuck,potatoes,onions,pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, cheddar cheese, salt & pepper
Chili: Angus ground chuck,potatoes,onions, tomato sauce, red beans, chili seasoning, salt & pepper
Veggie & Cheese: Potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower,carrots, cheddar cheese, cream of celery soup, salt & pepper
Tuna:Albacore tuna, potatoes, onions, cream of celery soup, salt & pepper
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